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Class Descriptions:

Ages 3 - 6 years

This combination class introduces your young dancer to a structured dance class. Tap builds a foundation for rhythm, necessary in all forms of dance. Pre-ballet increases coordination and balance in a creative environment and prepares your dancer to move into any form of dance.


(Please note children are divided into classes by age initially, and are moved according to readiness)

45 minute class

Ages 5 - 7 years

This combination class is a nice transition from the tiny tot class and introduces the young dancer to jazz. Recommended in combination with pre-ballet. 

1 hour class

(30 minutes Tap, 30 minutes Jazz)

Ages 5 - 7 years

The pre-ballet /creative movement class is designed to develop an introduction and a love for ballet. Basic ballet positions and terminology are stressed in this playful, yet structured environment. The barre is not used in pre-ballet classes. 

45 minute class

Ages 8 years & up

The technical beauty achieved through ballet is essential for the complete dancer. Ballet promotes proper posture, strength and flexibility, self confidence and concentration.

1 hour class and extended classes

Ages 7 years & up

Tap is essential for rhythm and timing needed in all forms of dance. Terminology is stressed as well as footwork and style.

45 minute & 1 hour classes

Ages 7 years & up

​High energy movement, isolations, jumps, kicks, leaps and turns.


"Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles. Before the 1950s, jazz dance referred to dance styles that originated from African American vernacular dance. In the 1950s, a new genre of jazz dance — modern jazz dance — emerged, with roots in Caribbean traditional dance. Every individual style of jazz dance has roots traceable to one of these two distinct origins. Jazz was a big hit in the early 50's and it is still a well loved style of dance all over the world."

1 hour class & extended classes

Ages 5 - 10 years

A Step-In-Time original created to combine tumbling with age appropriate music and good fun dancing!

1 hour class

Ages 11 years & up

The latest style of dance that has been made popular by music videos. 

1 hour class

Ages 7 years & up

Contemporary dance emphasizes a whole body approach including; flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness to allow freedom of expression. 

45 minutes, 1 hour & extended classes

Ages 5 years & up

Acrobatics is a class for those who like to flip, roll, bend and fold! Classes are unique to a drill of skills for example; forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, hand stands, back bends, front and back limbers, walkovers, back hand springs, and back tucks   . . . just to name a few!

45 minute & 1 hour classes

Ages 3 years & up

A Step-In-Time original offering and favorite. Who wouldn't want to learn how to twirl a baton? Master "tricks" from the beginner to advanced. Improves hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity and is fun for any age!

45 minute & 1 hour classes


This class offers your young dancer the experience of a fun, structured dance class yet with the security that mommy is tapping along side. Basic tap and the skies the limit with creative movement activities with mommy and me!

30 minute & 45 minute classes


Solo and duet performances are at the sole discretion of the instructor based on demonstrated abilities. The student must be currently enrolled in the same class as the solo performance, and also in a ballet class